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Sent By Name Details Stream Size And Format
Stevo Marching On Together
marching on together
Marching On Together was first named 'Leeds Leeds Leeds' it appeared on the B side of the single named 'Leeds United' and released in 1972. Written by Les Reed, performed by the team and supporters. 2.19MB, MP3 audio file
PCT Arsenal v Leeds - 1965
lufc highlights against arsenal
Classic highlights of the 1964-65 first division clash between Arsenal and Leeds United played on the 13th February, 1965 . Super Leeds won the game 2-1 at Highbury with goals from Johnny Giles and Don Weston in front of 32,132 spectators. various
Holy Ghost Copland & Survivor
survivor eye of the tiger lufc tunnel music
The actual Leeds United mix here of the famous pre-game and tunnel music featuring Aaron Copland's Fanfare For the Common Man and Survivor's Eye of the Tiger. This mix is one of the all time favourites down at Elland Road and was played during Wilko's reign at the club. Thanks to Holy Ghost for sending us this mix - 'remixed by Holy Ghost for 7 Seaz Productionz'...Enjoy!! 4.22 MB, MP3 audio file
PCT Leeds v ManU 1966
leeds united versus manchester united
Classic highlights of Leeds United against Manchester United here. The game was played at Elland Road on the 27th August, 1966. United won the game 3-1 with goals from Paul Reaney, Peter Lorimer and Paul Madeley in front of 45,092. various
SuperLeeds Leeds United
leeds united song
The A side to the record which has 'Leeds Leeds Leeds' on the flip. Released in 1972 it features players from that time complete with their nicknames. Written by Les Reed, performed by the team and supporters. 2.38MB, MP3 audio file
PCT Sam Dingle Sings
sam dingle emmerdale leeds united
A comical clip here from the popular soap Emmerdale. Sam Dingle sings Glory Glory Leeds United during choir practice while Bob Hope gets shouted down for blasphemy. Local Leeds team Farsley Celtic also get a heads up here, fame at last for the Little Celts. Thanks to PCT for the clip. 5.51 MB, WMV video file
Scott Scott's Mix
marching on together mix
Another great mix here made by Scott featuring Fanfare for the Common Man, Eye of the Tiger and Marching on Together. A different take by Scott featuring the fans anthem and the popular Wilko era pre-match tracks. WAFLL thanks Scott for the track. 3.59 MB, WMA audio file
manlokit United 4-0 Palace FL Cup R2
leeds win against palace fl cup
The goals here from the Football League Cup 2nd Round against Crystal Palace. Showing the goals from Jonathan Douglas, Jermaine Beckford, Luciano Becchio and Enoch Showunmi. Thanks to manlokit for sending us this clip. United won the game 4-0 in front of 10,765. Thanks to manlokit for sending us this clip. 13.5 MB, AVI video file
Holy Ghost That Trainspotting One?
born slippy underworld leeds tunnel music
The haunting music that was played pre-game at Elland Road during the O'Leary era is of course Born Slippy by Underworld. We have the Leeds United version here mixed by music producer Holy Ghost who kindly sent us this piece. At the time a very popular one down at Elland Road, this piece also featured in the film Trainspotting. Thanks to Holy Ghost for mixing and sending the file - 'remixed by Holy Ghost for 7 Seaz Productionz' ...Drugs Are Bad MMk!! 4.09 MB, MP3 audio file
Dean What Shirt Am I Wearing Bruv
beckford leeds goals
A great video review here of all the Jermaine Beckford goals from the 2007/08 season. Set to the apt 'Don't Stop me Now' by Queen and 'The One And Only' by Chesney Hawkes. Thanks to Dean for another of his great video clips. 57.3 MB, WMV video file
Holy Ghost Nightmare Half
nightmare for the opposition at elland road
The Elland Road half-time music here is the Nightmare Sinister mix by Brainbug of Venice, Italy. Thanks to Holy Ghost for sending us this audio file 2.93 MB, MP3 audio file
Dean Leeds Goals 2007/08
goals from lufc
An action packed video here featuring goals from the 2007/08 United campaign, set to the Gary Kaye version of We All Love Leeds and ending with United fans singing various chants. WAFLL would like to thank Dean for making and sending this great clip. 62.1 MB, WMV video file
Holy Ghost The Actual Yasmin
strings for yasmin super leeds
The Leeds United version of the famous Strings for Yasmin by Tin Tin Out. Mixed by Holy Ghost this is the pre-game and tunnel music played at Elland Road. Thanks to Holy Ghost for the mix and sending us the clip and a BIG thank you to Darren Stokes of Tin Tin Out for giving Holy Ghost the go-ahead to edit his music and of course for letting WAFLL publish the piece - 'remixed by Holy Ghost for 7 Seaz Productionz' ...Play it at your Sister!! 4.36 MB, MP3 audio file
Yezpar Slice of Scandinavia
Copenhagen whites
A bar packed with Denmark Whites in Copenhagen here explodes in song after Howson nets his second in the PO Semi. Great clip and noise from some of the many Leeds United fans in the Kongeriget Danmark. Thanks to Yezpar for the clip. 19.7 MB, MOV video file
Luke We All Love Leeds
gary kaye poet loves leeds
Gary Kaye here with his version of We All Love Leeds. Gary Kaye the former Leeds United Poet in Residence once performed on the Elland Road pitch to over 27,000 people. Thanks to Luke for this audio clip. 2.75 MB, MP3 audio file
manlokit Freedman on 96
dougie freedman scores for leeds
Dougie Freedman's crucial but deserved late goal in the Play Off Semi final, 1st leg, at Elland Road here. Sending over 36,000 of the Elland Road faithfull home a little happier. "It may be the most important goal for Leeds United in season 2007-08"...Thanks to manlokit for the clip. 7.42 MB, AVI video file
PCT 15 Points...
15 points chant
15 points, who gives a f**k, we're super Leeds and we're going up followed by Marching on Together. 15 points... is a chant sung round the terraces at Elland Road and further afar after the Football League deducted Leeds United fifteen points before the start of the 2007/08 campaign. 508KB, MP3 audio file
manlokit The Johnson Volley
bradley johnson volley
A short clip here of that superb Bradley Johnson volley in the last League game of the 07-08 season v Gillingham. Is this the best Leeds volley ever? "Bradley Johnson wonderful volley goal against Gillingham"...Thanks to manlokit for the clip. 1.59 MB, AVI video file
champions of europe
An audio clip here of one of the most favourite chants sung by the Elland Road faithfull. We Are the Champion's Champion's of Europe has been sung home and away ever since 1975 after Leeds were cheated out of Europe's top prize. Thanks to Mac DaRam a Waccoe poster for this audio clip. 923KB, MP3 audio file
Stal Queue, queue, no ticket for you
some of these fans will be dissappointed
"All day, the Leeds ticket office knew the sheer size of the queue, they knew for definite there'd be a sell out with 1000's still waiting, yet whoever was supervising did nothing to manage the queueing. People were just left all day, with absolutely no system in place, other than getting in the money as quickly as possible". Thanks to Stal for this excellent video 43.6 MB, MOV video file
SuperLeeds -15 Levelled Song
leeds get to zero
Radio and Tv presenter Chris Moyles gives airplay to a new performer 'Ken-rique E-Bates-ias' who sings in celebration of Leeds United levelling the points deduction on Sep 08 after the game with Hartlepool United. 6.30 MB, WMA audio file
GTCOOL Fallen Giants
leeds vintage
Superb video here featuring some vintage clips of Leeds United from different era's. A classic brief of the 1972 Cup Winners in the tunnel at Wembley kicks this one off. Clip sent by Waccoe poster 'Get The Chelsea Out Of Leeds'. 53.32 MB, WMV video file
Martyn We Are Leeds Live
we are leeds live from elland road
A live recording of leeds United fans singing the old terrace favourite We Are Leeds. Clip thanks to Martyn. 28 KB, AMR audio file
David Better Days
Better Days
A Collection of Leeds United clips to the song 'Libertines - Cant stand Me Now'. From David. 49.2 MB, MPEG video file
Martyn Pre Match MOT
mot leeds leeds leeds
Quick but excellent audio clip here of the Leeds faithfull singing the unofficial anthem Marching On Together before a home game against Ipswich. Clip thanks to Martyn. 30 KB, AMR audio file
Stephen Ankergren Penalty Save
ankergren save against cradiff
Check out the magnificent penalty save here by Casper Ankergren against Cardiff. Clip sent by Stephen. 1.55 MB, WMV video file
SuperGreegs Play Off Semi Mix
leeds v preston play off mix
A good little mix here featuring the commentary of the Play Off Semi final leg against Preston. With the voices of Chris Kamara and Ian Crocker. 2.37MB, MP3 audio file
Batts Leeds Utd Video Mix
leeds united video
A cracking amateur Leeds Utd video here put together by Batts. Featuring goals from ex players Smith, Viduka, Kewell, Harte, Bowyer, Keane and even one from keeper Paul Robinson. 54.1MB, WMV video file
PCT Elland Road Baht'at
elland road bahtat
Elland Road Baht'at is on the B side of 'Leeds United Calypso' which was brought out in 1964. The song is the Leeds version of the Yorkshire anthem Ilkey Moor Baht'at. Baht'at is Yorkshire speak and literally means without hat. Written and performed by Ronnie Hilton. 2.16MB, MP3 audio file
Duncan We Are Leeds
leeds united music
This is a catchy pop tune effort and many have likened it to New Order's World In Motion but the Leeds United record was released 5 months previous. Written by Chris Speight, Steve Speight and performed by The Crew. 3.37MB, M4A audio file
PCT Lewis Equaliser
eddie lewis equalises against preston
Eddie Lewis sends the Leeds fans in raptures with his glorious free kick. Taken in front of the Kop during the Play Off Semi Final 1st Leg 2006. Clip from Sky via Setanta 2.18MB, WMV video file
PCT The Ballad Of Billy Bremner
ballad of billy bremner
Made in tribute to the Leeds United and Scotland legend Billy Bremner. The record was released in 1971 but the wee Scot Bremner had already been mentioned in several Leeds United records. Written and performed by Ronnie Hilton. 2.94MB, MP3 audio file
SuperLeeds Eddie Gray Goal Against Burnley
eddie gray against burnley
Probably one of the most famous Leeds United goals ever. That amazing goal by Eddie Gray against Burnley, they don't make em like that anymore. 2.42MB, MPEG video file
Stevo Super Leeds
super leeds
One of the few songs from a Leeds United record that made it from the disc on to the terraces, this songs chorus can often be heard around Elland Road. 3.89MB, MP3 audio file
PCT Richardson Delight
frazer richardson scores against preston
Frazer Richardson scores the second against Preston at Deepdale in the Play Off Semi Final 2nd Leg 2006. Clip from Sky via Setanta 2.39MB, ASF video file
Stevo Hate Man U Chant
hate manu chant
Short audio clip of the Leeds Utd faithful here, returning back handed compliments to the team over the Pennines. 188KB, MP3 audio file
SuperLeeds Peter Reid And The Linesman
peter reid Leeds manager
Clip shows the ex Leeds manager Peter Reid having words with the linesman as Radebe tries to get on. Clip originally shown on Sky. 5.39MB, WMV video file
Duncan We Are Leeds, We Are Proud
we are leeds we are proud
This was brought out before the 1997-98 season and presented as the official Leeds United anthem. Randall & Britton. 3.98MB, MP3 audio file
SuperLeeds Hulse Opener
rob hulse scores against preston
Rob Hulse opens the scoring against Preston in the Play Off Semi Final 2006. Clip from Sky via Setanta. 2.27MB, ASF video file
PCT A Football In A Yorkshire Rose
a football in a yorkshire rose
This song was brought out around 1997, taking it's name from the Leeds badge at the time. The song was written and produced by Kevin Smith and performed by Graham Hudson. 3.46MB, MP3 audio file
PCT Lend Us A Fiver
lufc vintage video clip
Leeds United are no strangers to financial dfficulties as this silent vintage clip shows. In 1924 Leeds faced repayment of a 35,000 debt to the outgoing chairman. This led to the clubs 'Lend Us A Fiver' campaign to try and raise the cash. If only 7,000 fans offered over a fiver the club would be able to pay back the debt. 1.86MB, WMV video file
Admin Judas
judas smith
Song by the band Scatter from Bradford. Lead singer and Leeds fan Amanda shows her disgust at the Leeds player moving over the Pennines. "And now it makes sense, the way you always did see red." 2.31MB, MP3 audio file
PCT Glory Glory Leeds United
glory glory leeds united
This is the A side to the single which also features 'We Shall Not Be Moved' on the flip. Written and sung by Ronnie Hilton this version was brought out around 1970 to celebrate Leeds getting to the FA Cup final. 2.48MB, MP3 audio file
Duncan We Shall Not Be Moved
we shall not be moved
We Shall Not Be Moved was released around 1970 and the record covers an old gospel tune with of course changed lyrics. Written and performed by Ronnie Hilton. 1.99MB, MP3 audio file
PCT Leeds United Calypso
leeds united calypso
Written and performed by Ronnie Hilton in 1964, this West Indian tune was brought out in celebration of Leeds being promoted to division one. 1.25MB, WMA audio file
Admin Strachan
A song devoted to the Leeds and Scotland midfield dynamo Gordon Strachan. By the band The Hitchers from Limerick City, Ireland. 5.37MB, MP3 audio file
PCT Wembley Mix 96
wembley mix 96
This song was made before the FL Cup final of 1996 and features a mix of all the old favourites. Written by Kevin Smith, Ray Fensome & Ian De Whytell and performed by White Noyz. 2.99MB, MP3 audio file
Admin Leeds
Australian band Bodyjar give us their Punky version of the Leeds United fans anthem Marching On Together. 2.34MB, MP3 audio file
Duncan United On Trial
leeds united on trial programme
A trial by jury staged by the BBC. Aired at the time of Leeds United's downfall in the mid 00's and tries to conclude where the blame for the demise falls. 8.98MB, RM video file