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Ups And Downs

Ups And Downs

Description: A United shirt here with message left by a Leeds United supporter at the Billy Statue in support of the Flower Protest which took place in July 2007. A verse from marching On Together the Whites unofficial adorns the shirt.

The Flower protest was created against a backdrop of one of the darkest periods in Leeds United's history. A time when the club was very close to going completely out of business and thus ending any representation for the City of Leeds in the Football League. It was an anonymous Leeds United fan who belonged to the Ultra's, a Leeds United supporters group, that came up with the idea. The Flower Protest was a concerted effort by the United faithful organised through the various Leeds United forum's on the internet and in particular WACCOE. It had the aim of showing love and support through the club's darkest hour with a display of flowers and club colours that should be laid around the Billy statue. The first shirt and flowers were laid on the 20th July by WACCOE user Bilks and the display soon gathered momentum as the word spread round. Fans of other teams showed their support and some offered their own colours at the Bremner statute, the media were also soon to pick up on the protest with local and national news teams reporting on the story.
Leeds fans lay flowers at statue
YEP Video
The display was taken down by Elland Road officials around a week before the new season kicked off.

Pic by LufcMadFerret.

Submitted: 04/14/09 (Edited 05/08/09)

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