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Legends Come Home For Don

Legends Come Home For Don

Description: Leeds United legends of the Great Don Revie era here at the Don Revie Gala Dinner also pictured is Paul Trevillion the man behind the famous Leeds United sock tags. From left to right: Paul Trevillion (the sports artist), Paul Reaney (Right Back 1962-1978), Peter Lorimer (Winger 1962-1979 and 1984-1985), Mick Jones Forward (1967-1975), Norman Hunter (Defender 1962-1976), Eddie Gray (Forward 1965-1983 and Manager 1982-1985 and 2003-2004.) The Gala Dinner was part of the Don Revie Tribute.

The Don Revie Tribute was set up by Birmingham City fan Jim Cadman. Jim Cadman is passionate about the game of football and has experience in setting up Tributes for past Legends of the game including Tom Finney the Preston North End Forward. It was the eventual sculptor of the Don Revie statue Graham Ibbeson who originally contacted Jim looking for help with the funding of the statue after the sculptor had been approached. The statue would cost around 90k. Jim decided the best way to get the funds and the best way to honour Don would be to set up a Tribute Fund and ask the supporters of Leeds United to contribute. A number of functions, dinners and auctions including a theatrical tribute and magazine were set up by Jim Cadman which were focused around the players from the Don Revie era who gladly gave up their time to help the cause. It was called the Don Revie Tribute and the supporters of Leeds United raised the cash. The Don Revie Statue was unveiled on the 5th May, 2012.

Thanks To: Rowley for this great pic.

Submitted: 06/08/12 (Edited 06/08/12)

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