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City Square Morons

City Square Morons

Description: Ken Bates the Chairman of Leeds United called a certain section of the Leeds United faithful Morons. That certain section of the Leeds United faithful went on and decided to own the tag. Here the start of the Campaign For Change Protest March at the City Square in Leeds. The protest march was part of the Leeds United Supporters Trust's 'Campaign For Change' initiative. The Campaign for Change was born after members of the Leeds United Supporters Trust overwhelmingly voted in favour for the Trust to take an active part in peaceful campaigning for new ownership of Leeds United Football Club.
The March took place on the 11th February, 2012 the morning of the home game against Brighton and Hove Albion. United fans met at Leeds City Square and walked peacefully in protest to the Billy Bremner statue situated at the South East corner of Elland Road Stadium. Around 1200 to 1500 fans joined the march and it was deemed a major success by everyone involved. The march was also featured heavily in the local and national media, hugely raising the profile of the Leeds United Supporters Trust and bringing home the plight of all United fans.

Thanks To: Graham for this pic.

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