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Leeds United 1920-21 No.0003

Leeds United 1920-21 No.0003

Description: Leeds United were elected to the league on 31 May 1920 along with Cardiff City ready for the 1920-21 season. Arthur Fairclough was the first Leeds United manager and had a hard task to ready the side for professional football. United a new club after City were expelled a year earlier had little or no money and any new signings were for very little money or free. United finished 14th in the league.

Back Row: Jim Baker, Dick Murrell (Trainer), Ernie Hart, Billy Down, Mark Barker (Director), Ralph Rodgerson, J. Hilton-Crowther (President), Jimmy Walton.
Front Row: George Mason, Bert Duffield, Tommy Howarth, Merton Ellson, Basil Wood, Jimmy Frew.

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