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Radebe Honoured

Radebe Honoured

Description: A packed Kop at Elland Road stands and applauds the banner that was created in honour of Lucas Radebe....
Four Waccoe posters here parade the Lucas Radebe banner around Elland Road at half time during the First Division clash with Swindon Town. Waccoe poster mydadin72 came up with the idea to honour Lucas Radebe on behalf of the fans with a banner. Lucas was scheduled to visit Elland Road on the 13th March 2009, for a charity dinner and the next day cheer on the Whites against Swindon Town. Unfortunately Lucas had to postpone the trip because of the passing of his father. The banner parade went ahead though in honour of Lucas. Radebe has re-arranged his trip for May 15th 2009.

Thanks to TonyM for this great pic.

Submitted: 04/18/09

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