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Outside ER - The South Stand

Outside ER - The South Stand

Description: This exterior shot of the South Stand was taken from the side of Elland Road near the north east corner. This pic of the South Stand was taken before the columns and alcoves were covered with a more modern facade.

The South Stand at Elland Road was built in 1974 at a cost of 500,000. It replaced the old but popular barrel roofed Scratching Shed and came with state of the art facilities. The South stand originally had a standing area at the front with a 4,000 capacity and a further 3,500 fans could be seated in the upper tier. The South Stand has 32 executive boxes and in 2006 underwent further developments which included a new facade which boxed in the existing columns and alcoves giving the stand a more modern exterior. Also an overhall of the kitchen concourse area, a new mezzanine level office area, a total modernisation of the corporate facilities above and the Billy's Bar And Brasserie, named after Billy Bremner.

Thanks to Tapani Olkku for this great pic.

Submitted: 03/26/09 (Edited 03/31/09)

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