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New Pitch For Leeds

New Pitch For Leeds

Description: The Elland Road pitch here undergoing its annual makeover. Every year the turf is taken up and re-laid during the close season. Work started on the hallowed turf in mid March with groundsmen working round the clock to ensure the pitch will be ready for the new season. Norman Southernwood head groundsman told the official site, "After the last game of the season we had about a fortnight where there were several activities on the pitch, such as seven-a-side games. "Then last Thursday the top came off, on Friday it was power harrowed before we tried to get it levelled on Saturday. Since the start of the week we've been working on the edges of the pitch, as you can't work on the entire pitch with machinery. "Everything's looking alright at the moment. The weather's just gone in our favour now because the sun's come out and that warms up the ground and helps to kick on the seed. Usually within ten days after re-seeding everything's looking a bit greener."

Thanks to: Mark for this great pic.

Submitted: 07/03/13 (Edited 07/03/13)

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