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Inside ER - The North West Corner

Inside ER - The North West Corner

Description: The North West Corner at Elland Road was built in 1970 at a cost of 200,000. This corner stand joined up the existing West Stand and Kop giving this area of the ground a more sleek, contoured appearance. The lower tier of the North West Corner started out with terracing that was attached to the Kop but seating was installed in this paddock after recommendations in the Taylor Report, published in January 1990. Also above the terraced area of the North West Corner the radio workshop was situated, this is where the match day commentators would sit to report live on the game. The most advanced ground control box in Europe is situated in the North West Stand. This is where the fans are monitored on screens by video camera relays that are located around the ground.

Thanks to Tapani Olkku for this great pic.

Submitted: 03/25/09 (Edited 03/31/09)

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