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Leeds United 1987-88 No.0147
High hopes for the season of 1987-88 for Leeds United after the achievements of Bremner's side the previous season which saw United reach the Semi Final of the FA Cup and the Play Off Final of the Second Division. The bookies had The Whites down as firm favourites for the title and confidence was high among the support. A bad start to the season which saw Leeds win only twice in their first nine games soon brought the camp at Elland Road back down to earth and by mid season after Leeds had only won six of the opening 20 League games everyone concerned was beginning to fear the worst. In the Domestic Cups and United failed to venture through the early stages. The Football League Cup saw Leeds reach the second stage only to be beaten by Oldham Athletic 4-2 in the replay at Boundary Park, the first game at Elland Road ended in a 2-2 draw. In the FA Cup and United failed to get past the 3rd Round after being beat 2-1 at Elland Road by Aston Villa and in the Simod Cup United lost out to Millwall at the Den 2-0. Following the Simod Cup loss Leeds put together a five match winning run in the League which brought the pre-season belief back to some but unfortunately it wasn't to be as up and down form plagued the rest of the season and any hope of that promotion had gone. United eventually finished the season in a disappointing 7th position, out of the automatic promotion position's and six points behind a Play Off position. One of the highlights of the season did see the emergence of the Leeds born youngster David Batty coming through the ranks, where he made seven League appearances for The Whites and scored a rare goal, a beauty too coming in a 2-1 win against Manchester City at Maine Road.

Back Row: Jack Ashurst, David Rennie, John Pearson, Mervyn Day, Neil Aspin, Peter Swan, Peter Haddock.
Middle Row: David Bentley (Assistant Manager), Nigel Thompson, Bobby McDonald, John Buckley, John Sheridan, Ronnie Sinclair, Brendan Ormsby, Bob Taylor, Gary Williams, Davis Blakey (Chief Scout), Billy Bremner (Manager).
Front Row: Alan Sutton (Physio), John Stiles, Glynn Snodin, Micky Adams, Mark Aizlewood, David Batty, Russell Doig, Keith Edwards, Peter Gunby (Coach).
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