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The Faithful From The Kop
The Leeds United faithful in view here packing out their allocation in the Gil Merrick Stand with this one viewed from the Spion Kop at St Andrew's. The shot coming from the Football League Championship game against Birmingham City at St Andrew's on the 26th April, 2014. United sold out their allocation for this one taking 3,000 for the match against the Blues.

Leeds United: Butland, Wootton, Lees, Pearce, Pugh, Murphy, Brown, Tonge, Austin, McCormack, Smith.
Subs: Mowatt for Murphy, Hunt for Smith, White for Pugh.
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02/15/21 - 13:35:06 WAFLL - United Fans
The Old Lowfields
Classic shot here taken from the South Stand area of the old Lowfields Stand at Elland Road. The Lowfields Stand was erected in the 1920's and the lower tier terracing ran the entire length of the East side of Elland Road. The seated upper tier with roof stretched over half the distance of the terracing. In 1992 the Lowfields Stand was demolished to make way for the new all seater East Stand.

Thanks to Quiffy for this great pic.
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02/15/21 - 12:07:32 WAFLL - Elland Road
Full Time From The West
Elland Road stands to applaud The Whites here after the full time whistle goes with tis one taken from the West Stand. The shot coming from the Football League Championship game against Brighton and Hove Albion at Elland Road on the 3rd August, 2013.

The West Stand at Elland Road was built in 1957 and replaced the old West Stand which was destroyed by fire. The new stand cost 180,000 to build and was funded by an appeal from the club raising 60,000 with the Leeds City Council also helping out with finances. Originally the West Stand had terracing on the front paddock which had a capacity of 6,000 and seating at the rear which housed a further 4,000 spectators. Later the West Stand became an all seater stand and is considered the major stand at Elland Road. In 1970 the West Stand was streamlined with the Kop after the North West corner was built at a cost of 200,000. After the death of John Charles in 2004 the West Stand was renamed the John Charles Stand in tribute to the great Leeds Utd player.

Leeds United: Kenny, Peltier, Pearce, Lees, Warnock, Green, Murphy, Tonge, McCormack, Varney, Hunt.
Subs: Poleon for Hunt, Drury for Warnock, Smith for Varney.

Thanks to: Tommy for this great pic.
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02/10/21 - 13:25:12 WAFLL - Elland Road
Warming Up In Slovenia
The Leeds United team here on the Domzale Sports Park pitch caught in this one during their pre game warm up schedule. The shot comig from the 2013-14 pre season friendly against FC Domzale at the Domzale Sports Park on the 13th July, 2013.

Leeds United: First 60 mins: Cairns, Peltier, Lees, Pugh, Warnock, Norris, Green, Brown, White, Hunt, Poleon.
Final 30 mins: Kenny, Thompson, Killock, Pearce, Drury, Austin, Murphy, Tonge, McCormack, Varney, Smith.

Thanks to: Legend for this great pic.
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02/10/21 - 12:22:09 WAFLL - Miscellaneous Leeds Pics
The Entrance Tunnel
The players tunnel at Elland Road here. The yellow canopy seen framing the pic is stretched out caterpillar style when the players make their way on to the Elland Road pitch. Over the years the players have run out to the likes of the Rocky Theme, Chumbawamba's Tubthumping and more recently Strings For Yasmin by Tin Tin Out.
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02/10/21 - 08:38:59 WAFLL - Elland Road
Leeds United 1971-72 No.0107
Due to crowd trouble, following the WBA farce of the previous season, Leeds were forced to play the opening four games of the 1971-72 campaign on neutral grounds. This didn't affect the Leeds campaign who yet again put in a solid season finishing in second place. It could have been a different story if the FA hadn't been so uncompromising. Leeds had to play Wolves just two days after thier FA Cup final appearance against Arsenal. It was Leeds United's third appearance in the FA Cup final that would at last produce the cup. Allan Clarke headed home from a Mick Jones cross to score, giving Leeds a 1-0 win over Arsenal. With an early departure from Europe and the League Cup it was the centenary FA Cup final that gave Leeds fans cause to celebrate that season. Not to mention one bit of televison history. Barry Davies who on Match Of The Day commentated, on one of the most repeated open play sequences ever seen on the programme. "To say that Leeds are playing with Southampton is the understatement of the season, poor old Southampton just don't know what day it is. Every man jack of this Leeds side is now turning it on, it's almost cruel". On the 4th of March 1972 Leeds beat Sothampton 7-0 at Elland Road. It wasn't just the score, but the way Leeds achieved this win, that makes it so memorable.

Back Row: Rod Belfitt, Norman Hunter, Gary Sprake, David Harvey, Joe Jordan, Terry Yorath.
Middle Row: John Faulkner, Chris Galvin, Mick Jones, Paul Madeley, Allan Clarke, Jack Charlton.
Front Row: Paul Reaney, Mick Bates, Peter Lorimer, Johnny Giles, Billy Bremner, Nigel Davey, Terry Cooper.
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02/10/21 - 06:41:49 WAFLL - Teams and Squads
A Youngsters Plea
A junior United replica shirt here with a plea written on it with the owner in mind. Placed in support of the Flower Protest which took place in july 2007. The message on the shirt reads "Please Help Make Sure I Have A Team To Support When I Grow Up." Junior White.

The Flower protest was created against a backdrop of one of the darkest periods in Leeds United's history. A time when the club was very close to going completely out of business and thus ending any representation for the City of Leeds in the Football League. It was an anonymous Leeds United fan who belonged to the Ultra's, a Leeds United supporters group, that came up with the idea. The Flower Protest was a concerted effort by the United faithful organised through the various Leeds United forum's on the internet and in particular WACCOE. It had the aim of showing love and support through the club's darkest hour with a display of flowers and club colours that should be laid around the Billy statue. The first shirt and flowers were laid on the 20th July by WACCOE user Bilks and the display soon gathered momentum as the word spread round. Fans of other teams showed their support and some offered their own colours at the Bremner statute, the media were also soon to pick up on the protest with local and national news teams reporting on the story.
Leeds fans lay flowers at statue
YEP Video
The display was taken down by Elland Road officials around a week before the new season kicked off.

Pic by LeedsLeedsLeeds.
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02/08/21 - 23:31:22 WAFLL - Miscellaneous Leeds Pics
From The Gelderd End
Looking down at the action on the Elland Road pitch from the Kop at Elland Road. The shot coming from the Football League Championship game against Leicester City at Elland Road on the 27th November, 2012.

The Spion Kop at Elland Road was built in the 1920's and attained its name from a hill in South Africa. During the Boer War 322 British soldiers lost their lives on the hill and many football teams named their stands after Spion Kop hill in tribute to the fallen men. The original Kop was all terracing and built on an embankment, at this time the Kop had no roof. In April 1968 the old Spion Kop terracing was stripped away in no less than six weeks and in its place the new Kop was built complete with a roof and new name. The Elland Road Kop was now known as the Gelderd End. The new stand cost 250,000 to build. In 1994 as a result of the recommendations in the Taylor Report which was published in 1990 the Gelderd End became all seater. 7,000 seats were added to the terrace reducing the stands capacity by just under 3,000. The Gelderd End was the final stand at the Elland Road stadium to acquire seats. The new look Kop was officially opened in October by the President of the club, Lord Harewood and Mrs E Revie the late Don Revie's widow. The Gelderd End was renamed after the great manager himself and the stand is now officially known as the Revie Stand.

Leeds United: Kenny, Byram, Lees, Tate, Peltier, Thomas, Green, Norris, Tonge, Diouf, Becchio.
Subs: Brown for Thomas.

Thanks To: Trevor Francis for the great pic. To see more of Trevors Leeds pics Click Here.
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02/08/21 - 21:31:46 WAFLL - United Fans
Those Lowfield Gates
Claasic shot here of the rear of the Lowfields Stand at Elland Road. The gates shown in the pic were for the Leeds United fans which were exactly adjacent to the away supporter turnstiles. The Lowfields Stand was erected in the 1920's and the lower tier terracing ran the entire length of the East side of Elland Road. The seated upper tier with roof stretched over half the distance of the terracing. In 1992 the Lowfields Stand was demolished to make way for the new all seater East Stand.

Thanks to Quiffy for this great pic.
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02/08/21 - 15:44:31 WAFLL - Elland Road
The Bench Swap
The Leeds United manager in front of the new Leeds United dugout, formerly known as the away dugout, at the bottom of the West Stand here. The United manager decided to use the dugout that used to be for the away team for the start of the 2013-14 season, the new dugout is nearer the Gelderd End and gives a better view of the action at that side of the ground. The shot coming from the Football League Championship game against Brighton and Hove Albion at Elland Road on the 3rd August, 2013.

After Neil Warnock resigned from his position as Leeds United manager on April 1st, 2013, the Leeds board didn't waste much time in finding his replacement. It was less than a fortnight later on the 12th April that Brian McDermott was appointed as the new manager. Signing for the club on a three year contract Brian brought with him Nigel Gibbs, the two have experience working together at Reading, with Nigel becoming the clubs new Assistant Manager. McDermott's previous managerial stint saw him achieve promotion with Reading to the Premier League in 2011-12, the Berkshire club won the Play Off final after winning 15 of the last 19 games in the Championship. McDermott told Radio Leeds after he joined the club, "This is probably the only club I would come to at this stage of the season. I just want to get going now." The manager had previously stated that he would wait till the Summer to resume his managerial career. Brians first game in charge for Leeds was a tough test in the Yorkshire derby against Sheffield Wednesday at Elland Road, the game coming on the 13th April just a day after he signed for Leeds. United won the game 2-1.

Leeds United: Kenny, Peltier, Pearce, Lees, Warnock, Green, Murphy, Tonge, McCormack, Varney, Hunt.
Subs: Poleon for Hunt, Drury for Warnock, Smith for Varney.

Thanks to: Paul for this great pic.
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02/08/21 - 15:23:31 WAFLL - Elland Road
Leeds United 1983-84 No.0138
A bad start for Eddie Gray's Leeds United for the season 1983-84 almost immediately ruled the team out for any sort of promotion push. United lost six of their opening nine games which included a humiliating 5-1 away defeat to Shrewsbury Town. In the Football League Cup and an even bigger embarrassment in the First Stage after Leeds lost to Chester City 1-0 at Elland Road. At the time Chester City were placed 92nd in the Football League which has 92 member club's. In the replay United made amends with a 4-1 win at Sealand Road but Leeds were dumped out by Oxford United in the following round after a replay by the same score. The FA Cup didn't fair much better for The Whites, United were knocked out by Allan Clarke's Scunthorpe United at the Third Round stage after two replay's. It was looking grim at Elland Road the crowds were down and there was no money in the kitty for Gray to add to his squad. Gray's young team eventually managed to turn it round somewhat in the second half of the season, at times showing promotion form. From the end of January through February Leeds won five on the trot. United eventually finished the season in 10th position.

Back Row: Scott Sellars, Martin Dickinson, Mark Gavin, Neil Aspin, Tony Brown, George McCluskey, Tommy Wright.
Middle Row: Keith Mincher (Coach), Peter Gunby (Coach), Peter Barnes, Andy Ritchie, John Donnelly, Andy Watson, David Harvey, John Sheridan, Barry Murphy (Coach), Geoff Ladley (Physio).
Front Row: Gwyn Thomas, Aidan Butterworth, Kevin Hird, Eddie Gray (Manager), Jimmy Lumsden (Assistant Manager), Gary Hamson, Frank Gray.
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02/08/21 - 14:00:01 WAFLL - Teams and Squads
Leeds United 2000-01 No.0179
Ten days before the start of the season 2000-01 O'Leary's Leeds team played TSV 1860 Munich at Elland Road in the 1st Leg of the 3rd Qualifying Round of the Champion's League. United won the game 2-1 with goals from Ian Harte and Alan Smith. Two weeks later The Whites finished the job and qualified proper for the competition after Leeds won the away leg 1-0 with another goal from Alan Smith. Manager O'Leary spent big for the upcoming season bringing in Australian Mark Viduka from Celtic for 6M, French Midfielder Olivier Dacourt was signed from Lens for 7.2M breaking the transfer record at Elland Road and a month into the season O'Leary swooped for Dominic Matteo coming from Liverpool for 4.75M. In the Football League Cup and Leeds were knocked out at the first stage by Tranmere Rovers 3-2 after extra time at Prenton Park. Darren Huckerby netted both the goals for Leeds. In the FA Cup and Leeds didn't fair much better, after beating Barnsley at Elland Road in the 3rd Round 1-0 with a Mark Viduka goal they were knocked out at the 4th Round stage by Liverpool 2-0 again at Elland Road. A different story in the Champions League for The Whites saw O'Leary's unfancied side reach the Semi Final stage with some memorable performances in Europe. United eventually met Spanish side Valencia in the Semi Final where their European adventure ended. After a 0-0 draw at Elland Road The Whites lost the away leg 3-0. In the League and O'Leary's young side finished 4th in the Premiership. A decent finish for United but 4th position meant no Champions League for the following season. This was significantly a crucial loss of revenue for a Leeds team that had spent big. They did however qualify for the UEFA Cup, topping off one of the most exciting seasons since the 1992 Championship win. United won 20 games, scored 64 goals and finished on 68 points.

Back Row: Michael Bridges, Michael Duberry, Robert Molenaar, Danny Milosevic, Nigel Martyn, Paul Robinson, Jonathan Woodgate, Eirik Bakke, Mark Viduka, Matthew Jones.
Middle Row: David Hancock (Physio), Sean Hardy (Kit Manager), Steve Sutton (Goalkeeping Coach), Gary Kelly, David Batty, Ian Harte, Danny Mills, Lee Bowyer, Eddie Gray (Assistant Manager), Roy Aitken (Coach).
Front Row: Alan Smith, Darren Huckerby, Harry Kewell, Peter Ridsdale (Director), Lucas Radebe, David O’Leary (Manager), Jason Wilcox, Olivier Dacourt, Stephen McPhail.
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02/08/21 - 06:13:18 WAFLL - Teams and Squads
Bums On Seats
Stand up and sing for Leeds United seems lost here with the ever increasing crowd restrictions at Elland Road. Thanks to alanpartridge for this pic.
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02/05/21 - 09:40:01 WAFLL - Elland Road
Leeds United 1999-00 No.0176
The season 1999-00 was the first full season in charge for manager David O'Leary and for the new campaign the Irishman made numerous signings. Danny Mills came from Charlton for 4.37M million, Eirik Bakke penned for 1M coming from Norwegian outfit Sogndal and Michael Bridges came from Sunderland for 4.5M which underlined the talent O'Leary was bringing to the club. Not much progress in the Football League Cup saw United knocked out in the 4th Round by Leicester City at Filbert Street after a penalty shoot out. Leeds went a round further in the FA Cup making the 5th Round only to be knocked out by Aston Villa 3-2 at Villa Park with Ian Harte and Eirik Bakke netting for Leeds. In the UEFA Cup and Leeds United made it all the way to the Semi Final where they met Turkish side Galatasary, Leeds lost the game over two legs, The Whites went down 2-0 in Istanbul and drew the game at Elland Road 2-2 with both the Leeds goals coming from Eirik Bakke. In the League and Leeds finished in their highest spot since they won the League in 1991-92 under Howard Wilkinson. O'Leary's young team finished in third spot and with it a place in the Champion's League. United won 28 games and scored 58 goals in the process.

This season however will always be remembered for the wrong reasons. O'Leary's achievements with his young side will always be in the shadow of two incidents that are now unfortunately cemented in the history of Leeds United. The first involved the two United players Lee Bowyer and Jonathan Woodgate. While out drinking at the Majestyk night club in Leeds January, 2000 they got themselves involved in an incident which saw a man suffer injuries that resulted in an eight day stay in hospital. What made this matter worse and prompted the papers to have a field day was the man receiving the treatment was Asian. Bowyer and Woodgate were charged with causing grievous bodily harm in an allegedly racially motivated attack. The case lasted for nearly two years and from the outset the judge made it very clear that the incident was not racially motivated. This did not stop the newspapers at large heaving an all out assault on Leeds United and it didn't stop opposing fans from chanting obscene, expletives at every following game without any recourse from the authorities. It could however have stopped Leeds United from having an even more memorable time in the League. Playing under such appalling and ludicrous conditions, a result of the national newspapers assaults, must have had a significant affect on the team.

The other regrettable and devastating incident involved two Leeds United supporters. Leeds United faced the Turkish side Galatasary in the Semi Final of the UEFA Cup. The night before the game on the 5th April, 2000 two Leeds United fans Christopher Loftus and Kevin Speight were murdered by a group of Galatasary supporters. Stabbed to death because allegedly they had made insults towards sections of the Istanbul public. This allegation didn't have one witness who could put Kevin or Chris at the scene of any incident. It goes without saying that if the absurd and incompetent officials within UEFA had have cancelled the following days game Leeds might have done better on the park. The game went ahead in an extremely hostile environment with little care from the Turkish police. Hateful chanting went on over the Leeds team who lost the game 2-0. As if that wasn't enough the referee was distinctly biased in the Turkish sides favour. We'll never know how badly this affected Leeds United, it was heartbreaking for everybody involved with the club. Peter Ridsdale the Leeds chairman throughout the duration of this hard time was amazing, bringing many favourable and respectful comments from people outside of the club. The baleful deeds of the Galatasary supporting scum that night will never be absolved by Leeds fans and the memory of Chris and Kevin will always be in our hearts.

Back Row: Robert Molenaar, Michael Bridges, Jonathan Woodgate, Nigel Martyn, Michael Duberry, Paul Robinson, Eirik Bakke, Alf-Inge Haaland, David Hopkin.
Middle Row: Sean Hardy (Kit Manager), Bruno Ribeiro, Ian Harte, David Batty, Gary Kelly, Danny Mills, Darren Huckerby, Eddie Gray (Assistant Manager), David Swift (Physio).
Front Row: Stephen McPhail, Alan Smith, Harry Kewell, Peter Ridsdale (Director), Lucas Radebe, David O’Leary (Manager), Lee Bowyer, Matthew Jones, Martin Hiden.
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02/05/21 - 03:56:35 WAFLL - Teams and Squads
Inside ER - The Cheese Wedge
The South East Corner at Elland Road commonly known as the Cheese Wedge on account of its yellow seats was constructed in September 1991 linking the Lowfields and the South Stand together. This new stand gave the away supporters at Elland Road a full corner stand to themselves, previously away supporters were housed in the paddocks at the south of the Lowfields terracing. The South East corner was initially used as the family stand until the membership outgrew the capacity of 1,710. The family membership were then moved to the bottom tier of the East Stand.

Thanks to Tapani Olkku for this great pic.
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02/04/21 - 21:19:40 WAFLL - Elland Road
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